Electronic regulator

6 Volt + chassis


Lucas System


80 watt   



Red          -         D      -          D                 Dynamo

Orange    -         DF     -         F                 Felt

White          -        B       -          A                 Batteri -

Black          -        -         -          E                Chassis


The regulator housing is connected to regulator ground (black).


Before removing the old regulator, note which colour wire went to which connection.


Remove one of the wires from the battery before you “enter” the wiring harness. 


Warning: mounting screws may not exceed   

5 mm into the regulator housing.           


Testing the  dynamo:


Method 1: Remove the wires from the dynamo - connect D and F with a piece of wire – connect a 6-12 volt bulb (or a DC voltmeter) between D and ground – run the engine.

With the dynamo ok, the bulb should now be lit (6-10 volt).

Beware of too high rpm, the dynamo is not regulated and may be damaged.


Method 2: Disconnect the dynamo - connect D and F to negative on a battery – connect dynamo chassis to battery +.  The dynamo should now run like a motor, and in the direction of the arrow shown on the Dynamo.


With the wire F removed, it should be possible to measure 1,5-2 volt just on the remaining magnetism alone with the engine running. (If the dynamo is not being used for a longer period, the remaining magnetism will be lost).